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The Problems With Agencies Who Use Pre-Made Templates

Are you choosing a web agency that uses the same website template over and over? If this is the case, you are not getting the best web design service possible. Most successful agencies understand that investing in a good web design service and bespoke websites have many benefits. For one, a bespoke-built website is a lot more accurate when it comes to representing your business and showcasing your business.

If you are unsure about a templated website or a bespoke website, Freedom Search has put a guide together on why you should avoid templates.

Your Website Will Not Be Unique

When it comes to displaying your business online, a unique website is always better than a standard basic template. If you want to stand out from the rest, you need to have a website that is different and not just like everyone else’s. A bespoke web design will be made specifically for your business. This means it can be tailored to showcase what you do in the best way possible ensuring a more successful website.

A templated website is not unique and agencies who use them, although they may be the cheaper option, may have the same images and content as other websites. If you want to be different from the rest, it is important that you have a website that properly represents your business in a unique way.

Creativity is Hugely Reduced

The key to a great website is creativity. There are many things which go into web creation such as typography which includes font type, font size, font colour, line height and more. As well as this, choosing an appropriate colour scheme is also important for web design.

Whilst some agencies who use templates will be able to change colours and typography, page layout is something which can not be changed. This is a big problem as it could significantly affect the look of your website and make it harder for visitors to navigate.

A good web design agency will be able to offer creative solutions which are not possible with templates. This includes unlimited creativity, customisation and an overall better user experience.

Bespoke Builds Are Better For SEO

SEO is a great way of marketing your new website and a templated website can have some drawbacks to your results. One of the main issues with templates is that they can have duplicated content which means Google may not recognise your website as being unique. Duplicate content is a huge factor in SEO.

This could result in a lower search ranking and ultimately, less traffic to your website. A bespoke web design will not have this problem as each website is built from scratch meaning there are no duplications.

Better Long-Term Investment

When it comes to choosing a web agency, you want to make sure you are making a long-term investment. A templated website may be cheaper in the short term but it is not going to offer the same benefits as a bespoke website. If you want a website that is going to last, be successful and properly represent your business, a bespoke design is a way to go.

At Freedom Search, we understand the importance of a good web design. We also know that not everyone has the same needs which is why we offer bespoke websites. You may need 2-3 templated websites before you’ll need a new bespoke build.

You Can’t Adapt a Template To Your Audience

A good web design agency will always take into consideration your target audience. This is one of the most important things to think about when it comes to web design as you need to make sure your website appeals to them.

A templated website cannot be changed to appeal to a specific audience which means you could be missing out on potential customers. For example, if you are selling beauty products or offering beauty services, you will want a lot of images and a lot of text to describe what is happening in the pictures. However, if you are selling products such as software, you will want a very clean and simple design with maybe one or two pictures.

It is important to have a website which represents your target audience otherwise you could be losing out on potential customers.

You Will Be Limited With Functionality

When you use a template, you are limited to the functionality of the website. This means if you want to add anything which is not already included in the template, you will have trouble doing so.

A bespoke website will be built specifically for your needs meaning you can add any type of functionality you want. This could be an online store, a booking system or even just a simple contact form.

The key to a great website is finding the right agency that can offer you a bespoke design. This will ensure your website represents your business in the best way possible and helps you to achieve your goals.

It Won’t Stand Out From the Crowd

In today’s competitive market, it is important for your website to stand out from the crowd. This can be hard to do with a template as there are likely to be other websites out there using the same design.

A bespoke website will be unique to your business meaning you won’t have to worry about being lost in a sea of similar-looking websites. This is important as you want potential customers to remember your website and what you have to offer. A bespoke web design will make sure your website stands out and is remembered for all the right reasons.

Have you ever seen two very similar-looking websites? It’s more than likely they used the same template. Now imagine you’re a customer and your website is the same as another one you have already seen. It’s very likely that seeing a business with an identical website will have an impact on how you perceive their professionalism.

If clients can see that you haven’t invested the time or money into a good website, how can they trust you to provide the finest service possible?

Get a Bespoke Website From Freedom Search

We hope we have changed your mind on templated websites and if you are now after a new bespoke website, get in touch with our experts today for more information and a free quote. You can easily transform your business revenue with our web design and marketing services. Contact us today for a free quotation.

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