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Google offers the largest and most effective Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising platform in the world.  Google’s advertising network allows you to set your budget and goals and is ideal for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Google Adwords also allows you to tap into their massive reach with a range of capabilities which allow you to reach your target audience, with fast results and more conversions whilst maintaining full control over your campaigns at all times.

If you are unfamiliar with Google Adwords, it is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) service which allows you to create, manage and run ads for your business. The clickable ads are then displayed on Google searches when someone types in relevant keywords.  By using the right keywords and targeting the right audience people will click on your ads when searching for products or a service you offer.

So why use Google Adwords

  1. Unlike traditional methods of advertising such as TV and print, Google Ads are easy to measure so you can quickly see what’s working and what’s not.
  2. Google Ads are extremely flexible with a whole host of customizable options to ensure successful campaigns. These includes specific keyword match types, audience targeting, ad extensions plus access to the top non search sites such as Gmail and You Tube.
  3. Google Ads are much faster than search  engine optimisation which can often take weeks or months before you get high placed rankings in the organic search results. And although SEO is an important part of your online success, with Google ads you can get top ranking positions in minutes.
  4. Adwords are more engaging as Google is continually rolling out new ways of making adverts more enticing such as video ads on you tube.
  5. Google Ads allows you to control your advertising budget as you can set your maximum spend per day and per campaign.
  6. Setting up a good Adwords campaign will allow to leap above your competitors in no time.

Freedom Search are a successful Adwords agency with many clients reaping the benefits of professionally managed advertising campaigns, we now look forward to helping you reach your online marketing goals.

Bing Advertising

We strive to provide a clear, transparent service when it comes to search engine optimisation. Our objective is to achieve excellent results with a clear communication process and our long list of happy clients is testament that we are constantly delivering on that promise.

Having said that there is no magic wand to wave when it comes to SEO, many factors can effect your search engine rankings, such as the competition, the area where you operate and the type of products or services you sell.

Search engine algorithms are also constantly changing and you need to adapt to those changes, however get it right and your business will benefit from highly and profitable traffic to your website.

We offer an affordable white hat SEO solution to achieve the best results possible for your business and based around a budget that suits you.

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