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For over 10 years, our team of experts has been ranking businesses at the top of search results. That means more traffic and sales for you! Take a look below to see how we helped one client get their listing onto the front-page of Google with just an updated website design.

SEO Audit

A thorough technical and on-page SEO audit is the best way to ensure your website gets noticed. Our team will work with you from start, through every step of development until we're finished!


We’re more than happy to work with you on developing the perfect SEO strategy for your business. If it is Increase Sales, Build Awareness or Get More Visitors that are needed then our Wigan based team can help!


Our content writers are experts in the field of user experience and SEO. We balance your needs to create engaging, accurate blog posts that will drive traffic back into your website for more sales!

Local SEO

A thorough technical and on-page SEO audit is the best way to ensure your website gets noticed. Our team will work with you from start, through every step of development until we're finished!


Tweaking on-page can make a very big difference. However, site structure and technical adjustments are just as important when it comes to SEO strategy development.

SEO Advice

We don't just offer practical SEO services, we also provide audit and consulting services to help you understand your own journey. If in-house team is struggling with specific problems including, get in touch.

Sykes Pest Control

Sykes Pest Control had been running a successful PPC campaign with us for the last few years, but he noticed that even though his organic rankings were not quite matching up. That is why we replaced the old Yell website and built him an SEO-friendly WordPress site so we could rank top for some high volume key terms like “Pest Control Bradford” where now ranks tops!

Facemasks UK

The client came to us at the very beginning of pandemic with an existing website that had been built using default GoDaddy website builder. The site hadn’t seen any traffic since it went live and we soon discovered why- there were no keywords ranking on their pages, making them difficult for customers in search engines like Google or Bing to find. Through our tailored SEO strategy we made sure page 1 rankings became possible within 3 months! 

Buildings UK

This client had an outdated website that wasn’t ranking well in search results. Together, we decided on a new site to better optimise for their chosen keywords and enable them get back into the top ranks of Google! Now they rank in the top of Google nationally for the majority of their main keywords.

SEO Wigan

The internet is an increasingly important part of our lives, and with that comes the need for search engine optimization. SEO used to be only accessible by big brands who had deep pockets but this has changed as more small businesses are able to rank higher in results through techniques like keyword research or content marketing strategies which help them stand apart from competitors online

If you’re looking for an answer on how your site is ranked, there may be some solutions. For example, if it’s not ranking high enough in major search engines like Google or Bing then SEO might help get the job done and keep up with current competitors who are all taking part of this saturated market too .

SEO Agency Wigan

At Freedom Search, we offer a wide range of SEO services designed to meet the needs of every business. We have assisted numerous companies in achieving top rankings on search engines like Google and Bing, which has an extensive knowledge base due its size as well as four decades worth or experience with online marketing strategies.

We will create a flexible SEO strategy that works for you. Contact us today to learn more about our SEO services. 

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