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SEO Stockport

Boost your online visibility in Stockport with our advanced SEO services. We optimize websites for higher search engine rankings, ensuring your business attracts the right audience and stands out online.

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SEO Agency Stockport

Performance based SEO Agency with proven ROI results.

Elevate your local business in Stockport with our specialized SEO expertise. In an era where the internet plays a pivotal role in our daily lives, SEO is no longer reserved for large brands with substantial budgets. Leveraging techniques such as keyword research and content marketing, even local businesses can secure higher rankings on search engines, distinguishing themselves in the online landscape. As a dedicated Stockport SEO Agency, we provide simple yet effective tricks to boost your website’s visibility. If your website isn’t performing well on Google and Bing, SEO holds the key to improved rankings and staying competitive in this saturated market. Enhance your online presence, stand out from competitors, and attract organic traffic that converts into valuable customers.

Our Stockport SEO Agency goes beyond mere tricks, offering comprehensive strategies tailored to your business. As the internet becomes increasingly ingrained in our daily lives, the significance of local businesses mastering SEO cannot be overstated. In a crowded digital landscape, our expert techniques, including on-page optimization and backlink building, propel your website to the forefront. Uncover the mysteries behind your website’s performance on search engines, as SEO not only boosts rankings but ensures sustained competitiveness. Embrace the power of optimization to not only attract organic traffic but also foster long-term customer conversions.


Everything starts with an audit. We’ll take a look at your website and see what improvements we can make.


We’ll then do our research and plan keywords that will benefit your website and business


We’ll plan out the strategy over a 12-month timeline, planning content, backlinks and on-page seo


This is where we get to work. We’ll start to implement our SEO, following the strategy, plan and keyword research.


We offer quarterly SEO reports to show keyword progress, work completed and to maintain transparency

Stockport's #1 SEO Agency

SEO is also known as search engine optimisation. It generates more sales and business through natural search results. SEO was originally available for big businesses with a huge marketing budget and it has now become something all local businesses can benefit from. Millions of people a day search google to find information faster.

If you are not doing anything online or you’re not on page 1 of Google, SEO is the answer. SEO is important for anyone who wants to generate more business through Google and other search engines.

Unleash the potential of Stockport’s premier SEO Agency. Our committed SEO team provides a tailored, comprehensive package designed to elevate your business’s online rankings. Catering to local businesses, national brands, and international e-commerce stores, our seasoned Search Engine Optimization experts are ready to discuss your unique business requirements. With effective techniques honed for enhancing your website’s natural visibility, we specialize in generating significant organic traffic and bolstering sales. Acknowledging the pivotal role of visibility on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) for overall growth, Stockport’s leading SEO Agency boasts a proven track record of remarkable success, transforming businesses through increased organic traffic and a substantial surge in sales.

What we do

Competitor Analysis

We analyse competitors in your industry and evaluate what's working and what isn't

Keyword Research

Identify important, high search volume keywords that will bring relevant organic traffic to your website

Content Creation

We create fully optimised blog posts and website content to increase site relevance and increase ranking

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is key for improving organic rankings, and is one of the most important factors to page position

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the "behind the scenes" work, which makes a website work properly and load quickly

Backlink Building

We outreach to genuine niche relevevant websites to build organic backlinks to your website

Common SEO Questions

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimising websites to increase their organic ranking on search engines like Google and Bing. As organic search is one of the first ways in which people discover content, services or products online, ranking higher in search engines usually leads to an increase in website traffic and leads. In Google and most other search engines, the results page is often made up of paid ads, a ‘map pack’ and organic positions. The top 3 or 4 positions will likely be paid ads, followed by 3 map positions and finally 10 results, which are often referred to as “organic search results” or the “SERPs”. Paid ads are often referred to as search engine marketing (SEM) or paid ads (ppc).

Search engines use an algorithm or set of rules to determine what pages to show for any given query. These algorithms are extremely complicated and take into account over 200 different ranking factors to determine the rankings of the search engine results page. Mainly, there are three core metrics search engines use to rank a website.

  • On-Page Content: One of the main ranking factors for a web page is the on-page content. In short, Google reads the website heading tags (H1, H2, etc) for keywords in the titles, in the URL and within the written content on the page. Generally speaking, the content on a website must match the intent behind the search query (someone searching for “bread recipe” expects to see content about bread, and a recipe).
  • Technical SEO: The technical SEO is the way the website works, how quickly it loads and ensures that the code is readable by Google. There are also other techniques that can be used such as optimising the sitemap and robots.txt to help Google in crawling the website properly.
  • Backlinks: Links from other websites play a key role in determining the ranking position of a page on the search engine results page. A link is seen as a “vote of confidence” from one website to another, since website owners are unlikely to link to a poor-quality website. Every website has a domain authority (or website score), the higher the authority, the more effective a back-link would be. Imagine a link from the apple website to your business website, that would be an extremely powerful link.

Our search engine optimisation services start from £500 per month, and run over a 12-month period. This is because SEO is a slow process, and in some cases results can only be seen after 9-12 months, sometimes longer. Not every SEO project takes this long, and we have achieved page 1 rankings within the first couple of months in some cases. Every project is different and dependent on keywords, budget and area of focus.

What customers say...

Peter Woods
@Peter Woods (LLG)
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Used Freedom Search for a complete revamp of our company website, couldn't be happier with the level of service we received from Paul & the end product! Would highly recommend!
Jimmy Casby
@Jimmy Casby
Read More
Superb support when dealing with a complete novices. Great back up and my website looks fabulous. Thanks all at Freedom Search 👍
Sharon Crothers
Read More
I would like to thank John at Freedom Search for all the help and advice that he gave us when setting up our new website. Nothing was too much bother for him and he worked well with us on all the aspects that we wanted. So much so that we were delighted with the end result.
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John set up a website for me and is currently setting up an SEO. Friendly and helpful with a persistent desire to make sure I was happy with the work been done!
Tanya Christelow
Read More
Really happy with our new website! John is brilliant and always on hand to answer any questions. Would definitely recommend using Freedom Search
Rose Johnstone
Read More
From the first initial meeting with the representative through to the design and our new website going live, there has been support all the way along. Obviously a certain amount of tinkering's with getting the new site looking just right, but this was never been a problem for them. Response time has always been prompt. Nice friendly attitude.

Need Help? Contact Freedom Search

Feel free to reach out! Whether you’re looking to supercharge your online presence, boost your online visibility, or optimise your online investments for a great return, we’re here to assist you. Don’t hesitate to drop us an email to get started on your digital success journey.

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