Why Was SEO Important Over the Lockdowns

What is SEO and how is it beneficial for small businesses?

SEO is short for search engine optimization. It is the process of optimizing websites and web pages for certain relevant keywords in order for the page to rank high in a Google search. There are many complicated steps involved in SEO which include, keyword research, backlinks, and citations to name a few.

It is one of the most crucial things for a small business looking to expand. Any local business like plumbers or electricians should invest in SEO as they will have quite a few competitors in and around the areas that they cover. As well as this, any e-commerce website should also do their SEO or have a digital marketing agency do it for them. This is because if you sell clothes, for example, you will have huge competitors like Next, Matalan, ASOS, Very and Boohoo.

I Don’t know how to do SEO, Who can do it for me?

If your specialty is not SEO then you don’t need to worry. This is because there are SEO agencies out there who are willing to help. Freedom search is an example of an SEO agency. We have a qualified team of professionals who will create their own strategy to get you ranking on page 1 of Google within months. We can do your SEO for you.

Do I need a custom website?

We would always recommend getting your website built on WordPress. This is because after completion you will own 100% of your website compared to other providers who will be effectively charging you rent for your website. As well as this, there are over 54,000 plugins available with WordPress. If you need a new website you can read more about web design here.

Why was SEO important for small shops and businesses in the lockdown?

Businesses that started doing SEO dramatically increased in the lockdowns as well as website sales. This is because places like restaurants started doing takeaway. This meant they needed a new website and SEO services so they could rank for keywords like pub takeaway Liverpool, for example.

As well as this, SEO was crucial for other businesses like independent shops. This is because their stores had to close and they had to convert to selling things online to keep their businesses going.

Who needs to have SEO for their business?

We recommend every to have SEO for their websites. This is because you can really have a good chance at competing with big names who are in the same industry as you.

If you are looking to seriously grow your business, we are here to help you. Have a look at our SEO work which we have done which has dramatically helped businesses grow within months.

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