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Social Media is a great way to engage with your clients and prospective customers,  it is also a perfect platform to enhance that power using social media advertising.

Freedom Search have been successfully operating Facebook advertising campaigns for time as well as the top platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Social media advertising can catapult your user engagement and website traffic to spectacular heights, quickly and effectively.

Facebook has now become one of the undisputed kings of digital advertising boasting over 5 million advertisers alone. Freedom Search uses it’s wealth of experience and Facebook’s suite of advanced advertising tools to target the right audience whilst lowering the cost of advertising. This means you get more referrals, inquiries and sales without breaking the bank.

Professional Social Media Marketing

Why every business should use Facebook Ads

  1. The ads are very affordable - Facebook ads are probably the cheapest form of advertising.  You chose your budget from the start, once the budget is reached your ads can stop. The higher your budget the more leads you will get.
  2. Your customers use Facebook -  80% of internet users are on Facebook. Even around 65% of adults over 65 use Facebook.
  3. Facebook ads are highly targeted – one of the major benefits of Facebook ads is the ability to reach out to you target audience. It’s easy to advertise to people by age, location, behavior and interests.
  4. Facebook ads are fast – You can quickly reach out to thousands of people and is a fast way to drive traffic and conversions.
  5. Facebook ads engage your website visitors – Using powerful re-marketing tools you can target people shortly after they have visited your website. You can also target your existing customers and drive repeat business.
  6. Useful analytics data – Facebook provides a comprehensive range of data about your ads allowing you to adapt and modify them as necessary.

Facebook advertising increases revenue, leads and sales if used correctly, if not you could be throwing away hundreds or thousands of pounds. That’s where we come in, at Freedom search we are Facebook advertising specialists with the knowledge and experience to help your business become a successful  advertiser from the word go.

Google Adwords Specialist  Google Adwords Specialist Partner

We make it our mission to get your company in the highest position possible on the most used search engine in the world, Google.

Freedom Search Ltd specialise in featuring websites on Google using Google AdWords Management. To compliment your Google AdWords campaign we also provide Bespoke Web Design servicesSearch Engine OptimisationSocial Network Marketing via Facebook, Google Business Pages and Mobile Websites designed for smart phone web searches.

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