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Bing is the search engine of the mighty Microsoft corporation with currently around 11% of the search engine market.  Although Bing is not as dominant as Google there are a number of factors which make it an interesting platform to spend your advertising  budget.

There are over 900 million searches a month on Bing which also has around 25% of the market share on desktop devices.


Bing Ads


Businesses using Bing Ads often have a lower Pay-per-Click or Cost-per-Aquisition (CPA) than Google Adwords campaigns. On Bing there is generally less competition which often results in a better return on your ad spend.

Microsoft also offer a veritable suite of options on it's Bing  advertising  platform which allows you to effectively target your potential customers, promoting your business services and products directly to the people that matter.


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We make it our mission to get your company in the highest position possible on the most used search engine in the world, Google.


Freedom Search Ltd specialise in featuring websites on Google using Google AdWords Management. To compliment your Google AdWords campaign we also provide Bespoke Web Design services, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Network Marketing via Facebook, Google Business Pages and Mobile Websites designed for smart phone web searches.

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